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Arjun Rampal raising funds for NGOs by playing Online Poker

Play Online Poker Games for Raising Funds – Arjun Rampal shows the way

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Once viewed as betting, poker is presently drawing enormous monies for online stages. There exist various real money poker sites in India where you can play multiple Poker Tournaments all day long and if you have skills & expertises you could even win big amounts to fill your pocket.


Now, in this tough period, where there are monetary constraints everywhere due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Online Poker is helping various people to raise funds for people who are the worst sufferers. Now, veteran Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal is even joining this bandwagon and showing the way how to raise funds for NGOs by simply playing Online Poker.

Rampal, who is a brand ambassador of a renowned Poker website, has been enjoying his new duties in the lockdown period. “There was a big surge in the number of people logging in to play [poker] during lockdown. We thought why not use this skilled game to give back to smaller NGOs that have not been getting recognition.” Rampal said when asked about his decision to choose to play poker games online for fundraising.

The activity is supporting NGOs like Pudhiya Udhayam in Chennai, CUPA (serves creatures) in Bangalore, and Humanity for Animals in Kochi. Rampal said that with human carries on with, creature lives are additionally significant. Out of the Rs. 2.11 lakh raised by PokerHigh, Rs. 72000 were given to CUPA, which helped feed more than 150 canines at the middle for a month. About Rs. 1.38 lakh were obtained by Pudhiya Udhayam, which gave dry proportions to 500 families deprived in Chennai.


When asked about his playing techniques, Rampal Said, “My game is decent. But there is room for improvement.” He is investing energy at home with his family during the lockdown because of the far reaching pandemic. The veteran Bollywood actor has also urged his followers to stay calm and composed and not to panic in this pandemic.


“We have to be far more compassionate and be open to change. Panicking is not going to help. It is important to adapt and adjust. We need to stick with the new norms, maintain social distance, (and) wear a mask. A lot of people are just careless in the way they move around. If the pandemic has not shaken them up, then you should panic.”, Rampal concludes.

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